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Real Estate Law and Property Rights

30 years of serving all Nebraska as well as the Omaha area

Real Estate law and Property Rights encompasses several legal concerns.  Ownership rights, adverse possession, Quiet Title Actions, Land Purchase and Sale Contracts, Easements, and various deeds are just some of the areas that require an experience and knowledgeable attorney to guide you through your case.  Omaha attorney, Jeff Heineman, has 30 years of legal experience addressing such questions, litigating cases, as well as drafting the various deeds, contracts, and purchase agreements required by his clients.

Further, Real Estate law and Property Rights questions arise is almost every area of law. In Probate law, many times the real property of the decease must be sold, divided, or transferred.  In Family law, a couple’s home is sometimes sold or transferred to one party.  In Estate Planning and Elder law, one may wish to transfer real property to a trust or execute a deed giving partial/joint/future ownership to a family member, friend, or charity.  The same is true in Bankruptcy, Commercial law, Business law, etc.  The experience of a knowledgeable attorney will help protect your property and property rights while giving you effective legal counsel when you may wish, or need, to transfer your real property.

In addition, transfers of real property will, often, have tax consequences.  These are important consideration especially when a parent believes he and she should transfer property before death.  Please read the following article regarding the pros and cons of Transfer on Death Deeds from the American Bar Association.





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