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Business Law – Incorporation, Agreements, Bylaws, etc.

Jeff Heineman is an Omaha area attorney with 30 years experience in Business Law. The Heineman Law office has helped small businesses and entrepreneurs initiate, develop, and grow their businesses. Whether a limited liability company, sub-chapter S, partnership, etc…,  Jeff Heineman can answer your questions important to any new business venture including . Then, as the business grows, Heineman Law can provide necessary agreements and legal counsel as the business grows, including agreements addressing partnership rights, buyouts, stock purchase, voting rights, etc., as well as provide guidance regarding the form of incorporation and bylaws.

In general, a business entity has two basic documents.  The first document is either an Articles of Incorporation if it is a corporation (Sub-chapter S, C-corp, etc.) or Articles of Organization, if it is an limited liability corporation (LLC, PLLC, etc.)  The other document are the corporation Bylaws or a limited liability companies Operating Agreement.  Each one sets forth the structure of the business for either form.  They will also set forth the duties, voting rights, and other procedural requirements of each type of business.  Their purpose is to help the business run smoothly and provide answers to questions of procedure and duties when they arise.  Thinking of a Benefit Corporation.  This business form allows an individual(s) to conduct a business, including the selling of shares, that focuses on a particular goal or benefit rather simply make money and be

Heineman Law will answer your questions about the different business forms for free by calling 402-316-8014. Also, Jeff Heineman provides a free, 30-minute initial consultation for those who wish to make an appointment.  Any amounts paid by the individual for a consultation that lasts beyond 30-minutes will be applied to future, business-related work performed by Heineman Law.

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