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Discharge of Debt After Your Discharge is Denied

What Can You Do About A Debt That The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Could Not Discharge Your Liability (aka, the Power of a Chapter 13 Discharge): In bankruptcy, there are several debts that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot discharge.  For example, most student loans cannot be...

The Basics of a Chapter 7?

As you might guess, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common bankruptcy filed.  The main goal in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for debtors to obtain a discharge of their liability owed on their debt.  While bankruptcy is never desired by clients, they experience a great...

The Business Debt Advantage

Why can Business debt be helpful to someone wanting to file a Chapter 7? It is because debtors, with a majority of business-related debt, can file a Chapter 7 even if their current income and expenses would have them filing a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11. Technically...
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